The Opportunity

Every three years in Minnesota, Wilder Research conducts a one-day, statewide study to better understand the prevalence, causes, circumstances, and effects of homelessness.

The 2015 Wilder Survey reflected the “number of families identified as homeless, by type of shelter and age group of family head,” statewide in Minnesota as:
  1. 21 young moms under the age of 18, with children,
  2. 120 young moms between the age of 18 and 21, with children, and
  3. 151 young moms between the age of 22 and 24, with children.
  4. Total, 292 young moms under the age of 24 in Minnesota were found to be experiencing homelessness, with children.
  5. In Anoka County alone 12 young moms age 24 and under, that were able to be surveyed, experienced homelessness with their children.

This was in one night, late in October… with women that were able to be found… can you imagine how many were unable to be found on the single day of the study? Seeking warmth elsewhere? How many were not “staying in emergency and domestic violence shelters, and transitional housing sites… [able to be] found through outreach in non-shelter locations such as encampments, hot-meal programs, and other drop-in service locations…”?

The opportunity is great… will you help?