Our Future


We secured our first home in May of 2019 and are on track to open March 2020. We will house 3 young moms and their littles in this split-entry home, while employing a Residential Housing Advocate to live on site. As we grow, we continue to partner with several organizations in Anoka County for referrals of young moms, and to stregthen our resources of support.

We are focused on a future where young, single moms gain self-sufficiency and self-worth through Christ. We seek to teach them to parent their children successfully and to have stability in housing and in their finances. We continue to seek funds and make plans to work towards our vision of a Residential Program. We strongly believe that the stability of basic needs is crucial for these moms to achieve success, and the most basic need at this time is housing.

We plan to continue to open homes for young moms and their littles in need in the upcoming years. In addition, we have begun plans for a store front business opportunity to employ these moms in a “safe space,” while they build job skills and confidence in who they are each day.