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Whole heart

“I will thank you with my whole heart…” Fall reminds us of Thanksgiving and the importance of not only bringing our requests to Him, but also our praise and thanksgiving. What are you thankful for today? Have you brought it to His feet? At Elevate we experience times of hardship and times of thanksgiving, it is in the tough times we work to remind ourselves of amazing moments we see God at work – like the event this weekend with such a humbling response from the community. #thankful #praise #fallharvest #endinghomelessness

October 9th, 2021 #blessed

We had such an AMAZING time this past Saturday with our community raising support and awareness for Elevate’s mission to end homelessness for young moms and their children in our community! Over 200 people came out to join in the fun – such an incredible blessing. The BBQ was delicious, the tournament was full of laughter & competitive fun, and the bouncey houses never stopped moving until dark! We are now one step closer to pursuing our 2nd home thanks to your generosity & support! Thanks again to everyone who came out! See you next Fall at Willow Tree! 

Remember, Elevate’s current home is only able to serve 3 moms at a time. And while we are incredibly blessed to serve these amazing moms who have take a step towards self-sufficiency in working our program, we are still turning down moms each week. In fact, we had to say “no” to 3 moms seeking housing and programming just last week in the days leading up to our event. We are full and need a 2nd property – how can you help? Connect with us today!

3 letters…

“In this world we will have trouble, but…” Three little letters following a comma that allow for Jesus to provide hope in just one sentence. Yes, we will face trouble, whether it be illness, or depression, or job loss… BUT we are called to “take heart” and remember that He has overcome the world. Any hardship we face is not too big for God. Any defeat we may be facing is not too big for God. As Elevate enters its 2nd year of operations, we remind ourselves and our moms each day that the 3 letters following the comma allow for strength on a day that feels like utter defeat… the same 3 letters can instill energy when all one feels is weak. The 5 words after? Pure affirmation. “He has overcome the world.” #winning #heisstrong #john1633 #faithoverfear #morethanconquerors

One year already….

To say this has been a busy Summer for many of us is an understatement! Elevate has felt no exception to the busy life either! In fact, we have felt so busy as of late – preparing for our next event on October 9th, talking to the community about opening a 2nd home, recruiting and engaging servant-hearted volunteers, supporting and encouraging our families in their goal plans alongside their Advocates, and even working slowly to get our small business off the ground – that Elevate staff took pause to reflect this weekend on what God has done in the already full year we have been open. Just over a year ago, on July 24th, 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, Elevate opened the doors of its 1st home to its 1st family. 

The teal, front door still smelled of fresh paint, the deck recently stained by the loving hands of youth during a service week, and each bed made with fresh linens, and a special handmade quilt by women of God from one of our local church partners. We believed in what God called us to do – to love the moms He was sending us unconditionally, but we had no idea what the next year would bring for Elevate.

“You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” (Proverbs 19:21) This verse couldn’t be truer for Elevate. We made plans, business plans, staffing plans, leadership plans, and then we went through changes as most organizations do – all the while, God carried us through and what He had in store continued to amaze all of us. In no time at all, before leaves even began to change color, we had a full house of families.

Our team knows these families have experienced trauma. We don’t often know more than their surface stories – what they are willing to share at intake, or when they move in – but God works in amazing ways. 

He brings the best volunteers to meet the needs of each family’s heart… 

He brings leaders and staff with skills and gifts that He personally gave them to continue forward His mission for Elevate in new and exciting ways…

He gives all that work with Elevate (truly all that believe in Him) grace & peace to walk through every trial in His love…

The song Waymaker states it best, “Even when I don’t see it, you’re moving… Even when I don’t feel it, you’re moving… You never stop.” He never stops moving in the hearts of Elevate – the families, the volunteers, the staff, the leadership, the prayer warriors, and the supporters. We are so excited to see what this next year of operations brings, and we will work hard to trust and give it all to Him for His glory. 

Today, three families are walking through their goal plans day by day to become self-sufficient when they leave our 1st home. Each day, we see the families at Elevate growing closer to Him in their own time and in their own way of learning to trust in someone they never thought they could fully trust in before now. 

Our dream? To multiply the mission of Elevate to reach more families in crisis and show each of them His unconditional love. We turn down referrals every other week as of late, as the opportunity continues to become greater and greater since the Pandemic. This calling is a blessing to all that work with Elevate, and we ask for continued support, continued prayer, and continued blessings for this chapter, as well as the next.

A note from Melinda…

I wanted to personally take a moment to thank you all for attending Elevate’s Garden Partea Event. We are overwhelmed by the love and support that each of you displayed this past Saturday. We were so blessed by Ginny Owen’s graciously agreeing to fly out to Minnesota to sing for us, and encourage us, and could not have asked for better weather to fellowship with one another outside!
All of you are the first to learn about our Square Foot Campaign to open our next home, and each of you responded in a way that has blessed us so incredibly much this week. Concert and fabulous merch sales aside – your generosity produced over $15,000 towards our next home – there are no words!
In addition, we are so thankful to Northgate Church for hosting our event on the lawn – it was such a wonderfully unique opportunity, and we prayerfully look forward to this event and partnership again next year!
Allison of Allison’s Petite Pastries was such a joy – if you have not check out her website yet, please do so today! Her heart is wonderful, as she didn’t just deliver our order, but stayed and ensured your 3-tier stands were full and everyone enjoyed their food!
We are so blessed as well by our Marketing & Social Media Intern Kaylee and Residential Housing Advocate Carmen. Both were invited to volunteer in the morning, and then stay to enjoy the event, but both worked the event in its entirety. Servant hearts like the ones these ladies have give me hope and excitement for the future of Elevate as we continue to grow and expand in the years to come.
Many new faces have been added to our lovely leadership team pictured here. I am beyond blessed by the fresh perspectives, new connections, and fantastic hearts that have joined our leadership team with the passion to raise Elevate’s awareness this year, and open our next home to meet the community need.. Learn more about each of them on our website.
Many of you have expressed interest in becoming a Volunteer, a Monthly Financial Partner, or even your willingness to connect us with a Corporate Monthly Sponsor – thank you so much! If you didn’t check the box this weekend, but are prayerfully interested at this time, please reach out to me personally – I would love to connect with you further.
Thank you again for supporting us this weekend as we begin our Square Foot Campaign. The Garden Partea was exactly how I imagined it, and I am grateful beyond words. I look forward to sharing updates with you all as we continue forward.
If you have not already started following Elevateor Grace Marie’s Parteas, please do so today and share with your friends and family! Also, our updates are sent by – please add this to your contacts so you can receive our movements towards the 2nd home you started to build with us this past weekend.



Melinda McDermott

Founder/Executive Director

Elevate Hope House & Grace Marie’s Parteas

Are you a photographer???

Are you a photographer? Do you know someone who is and would be interested in blessing our Elevate families with 1st year pics as their littles turn 1? Contact us today, as one of our little’s birthdays is just around the corner!
#useyourgiftsforgood #happybirthday #1styearphotos #talents #endinghomelessness


Do you have days where you don’t feel strong enough? Or even strong at all? For young moms at Elevate, this is a feeling that comes all too often – especially when they start to dream and picture the future after Elevate. We are so thankful for the hearts that have chosen to join us in supporting young moms and their kiddos. Family Advocates and volunteers remind our moms every day that they are strong. God is their strength. They are never alone. #heismystrength #ibelieve #yousay #endinghomelessness #singlemomstrong

do something

When we do something for someone else, we show His love. Jesus calls us to act in His name with gratitude. From something as small as writing a note to provide words of affirmation for another person to making a meal for someone else who may need it – we are given a special gift to be able to act in His name. God doesn’t require us to do something grand, He simply asks us “to do.” What are you doing today to reflect His love? How are you being mindful of the words you speak to others? Are they life-giving? Ask God to show you how to bless someone today, with Him, and with gratitude.

#gratitude #serveothers #choosekindness #love #hislove #endinghomelessness #servantheart

Thank you, Pastor Jeff, for today’s message!!

Trust in His goodness and His grace…

Sometimes we start the day with a list that is a mile long. We have every intention of getting every item on our list accomplished, but then life happens. It is okay to not accomplish every thing on our list in one day – we have to give ourselves grace to accept we are not perfect. That grace comes from God and God alone.
But what do you do when you try to accomplish a goal, and no matter how much you try, no matter how much you pray, it still does not seem to come to fruition? Do you give up? Do you complete the goal in a “less than” way? The answer might be yes to both. Sometimes the plans we make, even with good intentions, are not the plans that God has in mind for us to complete. Sometimes a plan we start transforms into the action He is truly calling us to take in this season. “Trust His grace and.his goodness even when it doesn’t make sense.” (Alli Worthington) Believe that He has called you to this moment and He will mold you and you use you in His perfect way, even when you feel imperfect or unsuccessful. His plans will be made known in time. Lean in to what He is calling you to do in this moment, even if it requires a readjustment or change in your initial plan. His plan is always better. #goodness #grace #hisplanisalwaysbetter #heknows #trustinhim #deepfaith #endinghomelessness