Trust in His goodness and His grace…

Sometimes we start the day with a list that is a mile long. We have every intention of getting every item on our list accomplished, but then life happens. It is okay to not accomplish every thing on our list in one day – we have to give ourselves grace to accept we are not perfect. That grace comes from God and God alone.
But what do you do when you try to accomplish a goal, and no matter how much you try, no matter how much you pray, it still does not seem to come to fruition? Do you give up? Do you complete the goal in a “less than” way? The answer might be yes to both. Sometimes the plans we make, even with good intentions, are not the plans that God has in mind for us to complete. Sometimes a plan we start transforms into the action He is truly calling us to take in this season. “Trust His grace and.his goodness even when it doesn’t make sense.” (Alli Worthington) Believe that He has called you to this moment and He will mold you and you use you in His perfect way, even when you feel imperfect or unsuccessful. His plans will be made known in time. Lean in to what He is calling you to do in this moment, even if it requires a readjustment or change in your initial plan. His plan is always better. #goodness #grace #hisplanisalwaysbetter #heknows #trustinhim #deepfaith #endinghomelessness

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