I am His sheep…

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27).

Do you consider yourself a sheep? In a good way… Not a follower of the herd (if I am using that animal grouping correctly!), but a follower of God’s voice. Do you truly listen and hear Him clearly? I know that I try my hardest to do so, but even when I think I finally do, there are days I question if I am layering in my own personal desires to what I feel He is saying. Thankfully, as I am reminded this morning, “Jesus doesn’t tell us if we dig deep enough or study long enough or go to church often enough we’ll be able to uncover the hidden mystery to hearing His voice. Instead, Jesus lists only one prerequisite to hearing His voice: Be one of His sheep.” (Proverbs 31 Team) Be intentional with our time. Our choices. Our finances. Our relationships. We are thankful for the 4 hearts that have donated so far to our $10K frame and are prayerful for more to join! Don’t forget, $500 and above is Platinum status a memorialized spot in our front garden! You don’t have to donate this amount alone – just share who we are and have your family or friends support alongside you, because you also believe in the need to support these young moms and their kids in our community before the snow flies this year. Elevatehopehouse.org/dayofprayer


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