Embracing Crafting in Andover…

Thank you to all that stopped by the Craft Fair at the Andover Courtyards this weekend! We had SO MUCH fun meeting each and every one of you and explaining Elevate’s mission as well as our vision for Grace Marie’s and how we desire to work with families in the community! It would not have been possible without our amazing team that dedicated late nights of prep in addition to their day job and gave up their Saturdays to connect – so thankful! This was our shortest craft fair yet (we’ve only done a few, but still…) and yet we sold and connected with more people than even the last one! In fact, our Founder Melinda is finding she might just be a crafter in getting back to her “sales roots” as we are now having AMAZING and SUPPORTIVE repeat customers! God is good! #shop local #endinghomelessness #smallbusiness #faithoverfear #shewillnotfall #untilnexttime

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