3 letters…

“In this world we will have trouble, but…” Three little letters following a comma that allow for Jesus to provide hope in just one sentence. Yes, we will face trouble, whether it be illness, or depression, or job loss… BUT we are called to “take heart” and remember that He has overcome the world. Any hardship we face is not too big for God. Any defeat we may be facing is not too big for God. As Elevate enters its 2nd year of operations, we remind ourselves and our moms each day that the 3 letters following the comma allow for strength on a day that feels like utter defeat… the same 3 letters can instill energy when all one feels is weak. The 5 words after? Pure affirmation. “He has overcome the world.” #winning #heisstrong #john1633 #faithoverfear #morethanconquerors

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