Are you a photographer???

Are you a photographer? Do you know someone who is and would be interested in blessing our Elevate families with 1st year pics as their littles turn 1? Contact us today, as one of our little’s birthdays is just around the corner!
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Do you have days where you don’t feel strong enough? Or even strong at all? For young moms at Elevate, this is a feeling that comes all too often – especially when they start to dream and picture the future after Elevate. We are so thankful for the hearts that have chosen to join us in supporting young moms and their kiddos. Family Advocates and volunteers remind our moms every day that they are strong. God is their strength. They are never alone. #heismystrength #ibelieve #yousay #endinghomelessness #singlemomstrong

do something

When we do something for someone else, we show His love. Jesus calls us to act in His name with gratitude. From something as small as writing a note to provide words of affirmation for another person to making a meal for someone else who may need it – we are given a special gift to be able to act in His name. God doesn’t require us to do something grand, He simply asks us “to do.” What are you doing today to reflect His love? How are you being mindful of the words you speak to others? Are they life-giving? Ask God to show you how to bless someone today, with Him, and with gratitude.

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Thank you, Pastor Jeff, for today’s message!!

Trust in His goodness and His grace…

Sometimes we start the day with a list that is a mile long. We have every intention of getting every item on our list accomplished, but then life happens. It is okay to not accomplish every thing on our list in one day – we have to give ourselves grace to accept we are not perfect. That grace comes from God and God alone.
But what do you do when you try to accomplish a goal, and no matter how much you try, no matter how much you pray, it still does not seem to come to fruition? Do you give up? Do you complete the goal in a “less than” way? The answer might be yes to both. Sometimes the plans we make, even with good intentions, are not the plans that God has in mind for us to complete. Sometimes a plan we start transforms into the action He is truly calling us to take in this season. “Trust His grace and.his goodness even when it doesn’t make sense.” (Alli Worthington) Believe that He has called you to this moment and He will mold you and you use you in His perfect way, even when you feel imperfect or unsuccessful. His plans will be made known in time. Lean in to what He is calling you to do in this moment, even if it requires a readjustment or change in your initial plan. His plan is always better. #goodness #grace #hisplanisalwaysbetter #heknows #trustinhim #deepfaith #endinghomelessness

your story

Your story will one day be someone’s strategy.
Have you ever thought about why God put you on this Earth? Why you have walked the path you have walked? Why you have stumbled and been lifted up by Him in some of the toughest moments? You are not alone.
All of us have a story. Many of us work hard to give the credit of our story to God, rather than take the credit as our own. His plan for each of us is to bear fruit. To show His love to others through actions – to be significant in His eyes, rather than successful in the eyes of the world.
This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” John 15:8 (NIV)

How are you following His calling? How are you bearing fruit? Do you have a story that hasn’t been told? Do you have a story that will be someone’s strategy – this week? This month? This year?

Maybe you desire to share your story, but you are scared to take that first step. Then it is time to get on your knees, and ask Him – Father, who do you want me to share my story with today? Make me significant in your eyes, not successful in the eyes of the world. Use me.
Elevate Hope House is always looking for volunteers that God has called to share their stories with our families. Whether you like to cook and want to teach our families how to prepare your favorite meal, or you love to hold babies so one of our moms can have a self-care moment – God is calling you today. Perhaps God is calling you into an even more committed role as a Family Advocate – to share your story, and truly make it one of our mom’s strategies for success out of her current chapter.
Whatever your calling, listen – listen today and act on it.
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Philippians 2:13

“It is God who works in you… to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” (Philippians 2:13) Thank You for giving me the courage to say yes to your call.Give me discernment, and grace me with Your presence along the way. #roadlesstraveled #faith #notbysight #standingonthepromises #conquerors #grit #endinghomelessness


THANK YOU! We are OVERWHELMED by all of the support and generosity by so many of you! @st_patricks_mn @oakhavenchurch @northgate_church_minnesota

So many gifts under the tree which is super exciting for the littles, but most importantly, so many faith-driven hearts that have given these gifts to show how much Christ loves each of them…

Our families are going to have a Christmas very different from those in their past… Some are missing family this year, some are thankful for new beginnings… Some amazing things have happened even during. Year like 2020, and we cannot wait to see what 2021 brings!

Merry Christmas!!

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