Battle belongs

Have you heard the new @philwickham song? Battle Belongs. This is how Elevate staff live today and every day. This is how every believer lives today and every day. We fight our battles on our knees. Not with words. Not with actions. And certainly not with fear. By folding our hands or raising them high, and giving our every trouble and situation to Him – the Battle is His. #battlebelongstogod #saved #loved #thisishowifightmybattles #faithoverfear

He is beside me

Do you ever feel defeated? Sometimes I feel defeated every day. That my words are falling on deaf ears. Or that there is so much on my plate that I cannot figure out how to rise above water. In these moments I am reminded to pray. He reminds me that God’s role is to carry us through – He is stronger beside me… than the one against me. He is in control, and my confidence comes from His promises. #godconfidence #heismystrength #Heknowsmyname #endinghomelessness #faithandtrust


Elevate Hope House is SO EXCITED to pray blessings over one of our founding Board Directors, Kelsey Shay, and her soon to be husband, Alonzo!! Love each other with genuine affection. Honor one another. ♥️ #herecomesthebride #loveoneanother #blessings #chooselove


#thankfulfriday ♥️ I am with you always. A promise. He will be with us always. We are His children, and no matter what we do or what we say, He is with us. He loves us. Unconditionally. #amen #chooselove #endinghomelessness


You are chosen by God. SHE is chosen by God. He is chosen by God. Every person on this Earth was made in His image, is loved by Him, and is chosen. They may not look like you, or make the decision you feel is right, or even treat you with love and respect some days. But they are loved as much as you are, and you are chosen to live the life He has called to you to live and love others. ♥️ #chosen #loveoneanother #peacebestill #choosekindness #chooselove #endingyouthhomelessness


JOY. With His Joy in us, our Joy is complete! Thankful on a snowy cloudy day that we can still find joy in the gifts He has blessed us with – a hug from a child, a prayer from a loved one, a smile from a stranger at the gas station. His Joy is in the world around us – how will you notice and give thanks for His Joy today? #joyjoyjoy #joyjoyjoyjoydowninmyheart #faithoverfear #love #Heknowsmyname #Heislove #endingyouthhomelessness

Scale the wall

Do you ever feel that you pray and pray and pray for God to move mountains, but they still remain strong and unmoved? Have you ever prayed for Him to be with you in those moments and simply help you “scale the wall?” Sometimes, He doesn’t move our mountains. It isn’t because he is unable to do so – He can do all things. Sometimes, He teaches us how to conquer them in His strength, and allows us to learn from the walls and mountains in our path. #psalm1829 #movemoutains #scalewalls #faithoverfear #conquerors #endinghomelessness

God is in her

Fall is here! 🍁 Elevate is excited to be able to house THREE moms and their kiddos as the air becomes crisp, and the nights colder. Life continues to present challenges when called to serve, but if we continually remember that HE is in us, we can internalize that we WILL NOT FAIL. #daughteroftheking👑 #faithoverfear #heismystrength #endingyouthhomelessness

Weakness is a gift

Did you know your weakness is a gift? Or rather, are you prepared to accept that statement? Most of us forget this detail, or have a tough time not relying on our own strength to create solutions or solve life’s everyday problems. Yet, as believers we are reminded that in our weakness, His power is made perfect – it is a gift to be “weak” so that we rely on His strength, rather than our own. “The magic happens” when we let him lead us, and surrender full control of our circumstances. #2corinthians129 #grace #hisstrengthnotmine #jesustakethewheel #amen #endingyouthhomelessness