The JOY of the Lord is HER strength!! Happy Birthday to our fabulous Program Director, Tami Shinder! Your strength and joy continually propel the mission of Elevate forward, and help sustain the strength of your entire team on the most challenging of days. You are LOVED! #HAPPYBIRTHDAY #hisjoyismystrength #joy #love #confidence #endinghomelessness


His word gives life. Mondays can be tough! Getting back into the swing of a work week, the new swing of a distance learning life, or simply just living life as best you can one new sunrise at a time. It is a blessing to be able to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that His word gives us life – on the days we feel exhausted and depleted, we can turn to the book He created and breathe in His living word. #life #thankful #mondays #endinghomelesness #matthew44


Loving others is not always easy. Whether it is a child on your last nerve, a person cutting you off in traffic, or a friend that said something and we “took it the wrong way.” Love is hard! Thankfully, God is love, and He teaches us to love in every circumstance as He loves. He reminds us in His word to guard our hearts, as everything we say flows from it. #guardyourheart #Godislove #thankful #faith #endinghomelessness

Happy Birthday, Caryn!!

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, Elevate has been BUSY! BUT! we can’t let the clock strike midnight without wishing our very own Director of Family Programs a VERY Happy Birthday! We have been blessed to have her as apart of our team for the past few years as our Director of Finance and she is now transitioning to Director of Family Programs! Thank you, Caryn, for blessing our team, our families, and our community with your kind, tender, heart! #happybirthday #thankyoujesus #ephesians432 #choosekindness


Have you heard how BUSY Elevate has been? 2020 has been a TOUGH year for all of us, but Elevate is SO THANKFUL to share that we have been able to open our doors to multiple moms and their kiddos in order to support them on their personal path to self-sufficiency! Unfortunately, the year of 2020 has meant zero ability for Elevate to fundraise as our team has focused 150% on supporting our residents. Thankfully, GIVEMN is right around the corner! Will you help us raise money for transportation so our moms have the ability to get their kiddos to school? Get themselves to school? To work? Every $$ counts!! Thank you for your prayers and support!

He hears

Whatever we wake up learning, whatever we wake up feeling, we can be confident that He hears our every prayer and He is with us every step of the way. #confidence #faithoverfear #Hesgotthis #choosekindness #endinghomelessness

All circumstances

God works for my good in ALL circumstances. No matter the hardship, no matter the confusion, He is working. No matter the heartache, no matter the trial, He is working. No matter the conflict, no matter the result, He is working. #heisworking #faithoverfear #choosekindness #endinghomelessness

Hope and confidence

He is my hope and my confidence. My confidence doesn’t come from my accomplishments, or the individuals around me, or a successful story verses a story that feels like a failure in the moment. When my faith feels dim, He is my hope. He is the foundation of my confidence. The center of my hope. With His guidance and His hand even the toughest of moments, or the most unfortunate of outcomes, can become hope-filled in the reflection of His will and His call. #heismyhope #confidence #prayerlife #faith #endinghomelessness